…Ki Mi’Tzion Tei’tzei Torah […because from Tzion, the Torah goes out]!

The commission to send the Torah out from Yerushali’im is eternal, and incumbent upon every generation. We consider ourselves privileged as participants of this divine assignment, which encourages the nations to interact, to learn and to grow from that which only the Eternal City of Jerusalem, can offer.

Accordingly, we declare solidarity and unity with those who keep the commandments of Ha’Shem, and thus affirm and testify of the messianic hope for AHM Israel [the nation of Israel], as well as for all nations, as we approach the Olam Ha’Bah [the next world], to greet king Mashiach and the next Kohein Gadol.

Along the way, we do not feel that we have to agree with every point of dogma or doctrine that someone else outside of Jerusalem has produced, in order to be considered “kosher” enough to “belong” to any particular social network. Rather we focus on fearing Ha’Shem in order to retain our status as members of a broader community of men and women who trust Ha’Shem. One can always find discrepancies to divide a community. But to what shall we attach ourselves, in order to unify it instead? Only to Torat-Moshe.

Ha’Shem has granted all men the freedom to think and to ponder. Ahn’shei-Khay’il [people of truth] therefore, in our generation, are judged and identified by two things; 1) They observe the commandments of G-d [i.e. the Torah], and 2) They promote evidence for the necessity of Mashiach [an attestation that is consistent with the teaching of the RaMBaM in his Thirteen Principles of Faith]. Everything beyond these two identifying marks upon those who trust Ha’Shem, are nothing less than devices of men, which are altogether unprofitable in every way.

Unfortunately today, most have lost sight of ONE G-d, ONE Torah, AHM Israel, Jewish heritage and Torah-centered values for living. These same people claim to possess the “Ru’ach Ha’Kodesh,” but ignore the very commandments that Ha’Kadosh, Baruch Hu, has given to us in our Torah. Instead, they require that others sign various “statements of faith” which declares allegiance to an altered and fabricated version of our Torah, upon threats of social scorning and rejection if we do not comply. These manipulations arise, not out from the roots of a Jewish psyche born at Sinai, but out from Hellenism and her daughters, nurtured in Rome who have risen up against AMH Israel to say, “Come, let’s eliminate them as a nation, and let the name of Israel no longer be remembered. We shall replace them, their religion and their worldviews with our own.” Having obscured Ha’Shem’s role and His Torah in the whole affair, we are compelled to admit that we have no part with them, to the same extent as they first resolved to have no part with us.

Our only identification and attachment, therefore, is with those who observe the Mitzvot of ONE G-d, and wait for the arrival of Mashiach. In the meantime, we learn, we teach and we give Tzdah’kah to the poor amongst others, when given opportunity as our Torah instructs, to the broader community of those who trust Ha’Shem, and reside in Eretz Israel.

Thank you for asking about us. We look forward to networking with any of you who like us, raise Yerushali’im above all things that provide your greatest satisfactions in this world.